ARFAZ, a Radio & TV Presenter, is taking his skills to several platforms through Social Media Influencing!

ARFAZ, a Radio & TV Presenter, is taking his skills to several platforms through Social Media Influencing!

It is the age of Media and Entertainment and all other aspects related to it. According to a report by Market Research Future (MRFR), Entertainment and Media Market will expand at 8.9% CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) and reach USD 5,099.2 Million by 2030.

With Media and Entertainment comes, TV Personnel or Presenters, Radio Broadcasters for each program or event. They bring glamour and professionalism to an event, as awards hosts or facilitators. They can woo the audience with their celebrity factor, share stories and anecdotes from behind the screen, and deliver an inside scoop. Today we will talk about one such Media personality who is making headlines of late – Arfaz.

Entrepreneur Arfaz is a TV Presenter, Radio Announcer and an Actor who works for channel Hit 96.7 FM, a leading Malayalam FM station in the UAE. A popular figure among the masses, he is also a Media Producer, you can say, a digital creator and his social media presence, with his enticing content, keeps his audience engaged and wanting for more. He is an exquisite narrator of his experiences who is living his dream and encouraging others to do the same. His social media handles will make you fall in love with his work.  

Broadcasting with finesse is an art form. Anyone can call themselves a presenter these days. But it takes unparalleled skill, unbreakable determination, and heaps of talent like Arfaz to captivate an audience of millions. Be it his TV or a radio presenting skills, or even his acting skills, youngsters who follow him can take a leaf out of his book.

“While earning a degree may help you develop your craft and prepare you for a career as a working as a presenter or an actor, there are numerous obstacles on the way to become successful in this role, and that is part of what makes it so difficult.” says Arfaz. According to him, it’s a competitive field, where people face a lot of rejection. Social media marketing skills in any form, be it content creation or influencing, pays off here, as professionals need to make sure their work and talents reach out to a larger audience.  

Social media can also be an equalizer of power. It’s true that many Influencers boast large followings across platforms, but social media has also enabled previously unknown personalities to turn Instagram fame into veritable star power and influence. For instance, Radio Jockeys or RJs have a career behind the mic and therefore most people fail to recognize an RJ as they have only heard their voice and never seen them in person. RJ Arfaz also works as an influencer on Instagram and helps brands gain popularity. Due to his prominent online presence, reputed brands approach him to advertise themselves and market their products.

Arfaz has his roots in Gujrat, India. His ancestors came to Kochi many years back with both his parents and grandparents belonging to Kochi. Having done his Master’s in Media Management from Middlesex University recently, Arfaz is known for his works like Two Men, Diera Diaries, Orenda, Before and After, Savannayile Mazhapachakal and award winning short movie – Never Forget Two People in your Life. Besides, Savannayile Mazhapachakal has won Kerala State awards too.

One of Arfaz’s videos on Instagram and Tiktok together has got 4.6million views. He has also taken sessions for media students in Manipal University during media week event on story telling through radio. Besides, he has done sessions on the working system of Radio Stations in many schools in the UAE. He is currently doing a television show with Media one TV called ‘Made in UAE’. It’s mostly like the show ‘The Diary of CEO’, interviewing all major business people from various backgrounds. They depict the stories of being successful in business and life.

With so many distinctions and being a multitalented personality, what is it that separates Entrepreneur Arfaz from others? It is his smart and witty marketing skills through which he has maintained his image and portfolio on the digital platforms.

“The opportunities to be a TV presenter or even a Media Personnel are both varied and plentiful if you get it right. Twenty years ago there were few channels to watch. Presenters were carefully chosen to present the news, front a few feature programmes and to do voice overs for documentaries. Contrast that with now and the hundreds of channel choices covering every interest, presenters are in demand, but competition for the job is intense.” says Arfaz.

According to him, in today’s age, it’s not just about skills or confidence. It’s about how people will come to know about you and how often will they see your face on the digital platform. He adds, “To get into the eyes of big producers or directors or TV Channels, you have to make yourself visible! No matter how talented you are, how good-looking you are, unless and until your work or your skills don’t pop up while people scroll their newsfeeds on social media, you will lag behind in the race.”

He adds, “While some people might roll their eyes at the digital ads that scroll before their favorite streamed shows or throughout their social media feeds, it’s important to note that advertising yourself in those ads is a crucial part of doing business and boosting popularity.”

Entrepreneur Arfaz, is an ace in social media strategies when it comes to branding or content creation. No wonder he is a sought after TV and Radio personality in the Gulf region and has the skills to inspire millions of potential customers to buy, use, or believe in a product or service. With the right set of skills, he is considered as invaluable across a multitude of sectors outside the media industry, such as acting and fashion; and so on.

With around 57K followers on his Instagram profile, Arfaz is very active on his social media platforms. He often shares posts and updates from his personal and professional lives on Instagram. Apart from TV and Media related content, he also shares content on fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel. Emitting an artsy energy, his social media pages present itself as an illustrative gallery of classic photographs; with charming landscapes, affordable and unique color coordinated outfits, beauty products and accessories making the page visually aesthetic.

With so much success and fame, entrepreneur Arfaz is an artist who is a believer of hard work and consistency and this is why he was able to build a great name for himself. According to him, to be successful is one thing, but the responsibility that success comes with, is quite hard to deal with.


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