Indian-born Arfaz Iqbal – Actor, Presenter & an Influential Figure in Dubai

Indian-born Arfaz Iqbal – Actor, Presenter & an Influential Figure in Dubai

We won’t tire when it comes to delivering the best in entrepreneurial stories. And this time, it is an Indian’s story making his existence among the masses in Dubai. Turning the pages of an entrepreneur’s life would give you deeper insights into their hard work. Subsequent success is no big deal if you maintain consistency. Moreover, success is not only essential but with it, fame follows. You must by now have understood the meaning of fame. The ability to influence the population with your work is the new trend.

Arfaz Iqbal is an Actor, TV and Radio Presenter residing in the luxury city – Dubai. The Indian-origin has great influence on Dubai’s streets. Let’s venture into his life’s journey here.

Early Life & Career Onset

Arfaz is a native of Fort Kutch, Gujarat, India. He was born in the year 1981. His ancestors shifted to Kochi several years back. Both his parents and grandparents were Cochin-born. Arfaz has completed his higher education at Cochin College. A Bachelor of Commerce graduate from Kochi, he has done his Masters in Media Management from Middlesex University, Dubai.

He started as a Senior Presenter/Digital Media Specialist in the early morning show on the Dubai-based Malayalam Radio Channel, Hit 96.7 FM in 2004. It was only in 2006 when his show was clubbed with the drivetime show. This was to create the radio’s flagship program. ‘Big Breakfast Club.’

Currently, Arfaz presents the show with his co-presenters, Nyla and Jean. Today, the 1981-born Radio Jockey, Arfaz has marked a record 18 years presenting the show. The show has had the honor to receive several awards over these years.

Why Broadcast Media?

Arfaz considers his passion to be radio. So, accordingly, he endeavored much to build a profession into it. In addition, he is a digital enthusiast. He keeps himself updated with all the digital developments. He is never to miss a single detail related to the digital world. With a strive to contribute something to the digital platform, he chose radio as his base.

He has and is trying to establish an outstanding reputation in the digital space. His flagship breakfast show at the Arabian Radio Network has helped him gain this reputation so far. He undertakes the production work for audio and video and manages the digital side too.

The Show’s Success

  • The flagship program has been consecutively rated the most popular Malayalam radio morning drivetime show.
  • It has garnered many awards over these years.


Arfaz views his professional life on the radio as a huge 18-year success, yet to contribute more to it. However, it is not radio that has occupied his professional space. He has been the face of the visual screen too. The presenter has been a part of several award-winning short films. Orenda, Before and After, Diera Diaries, Savannayile Mazhappachakal and Two Men comprises his filmography.

‘Before and After’ is a short horror story diving deep into the subconscious mind. It is a 2020 English short movie which depicts an engaging narrative about a serial killer as the protagonist. He even got to feature himself in films like ‘Diera Diaries’ (2021), a Malayalam drama and Orenda – My Battle is Against the Hunger under Orange Media.

‘Savannayile Mazhappachakal’ (2020) is his most success in film career. It is an award-winning short film portraying APJ Abdul Kalam’s great message- “Never forget two people in your life for whatsoever reason, first, your mother and second your father.” The movie depicts the love and passion of an old couple towards their children and grandson. The 2019 movie has garnered three of the top Kerala State Awards – Best Film, Best Director and Best Writer.

His latest work is in an emotional drama, ‘Two Men’ which got released on 11th of August in the GCC. The Malayalam movie, directed by K Satheesh, narrates the story of two men from opposite ends of the spectrum of life who somehow get inexplicably intertwined. It is a 24-hour duration story depiction from the dawn of the eve of Bakrid to dawn of Bakrid.

About Arfaz

The public figure is a blessed father to his two kids, a girl, and a boy. He has filled his life with enthusiasm showing deep interest in other sides. Traveling, swimming, and listening to music occupy his leisurely mind.

Not all would be dreaming and living the Dubai luxury. Arfaz Iqbal has shown incredible contributions which have kept him on the influential side. Moreover, from India to Dubai, his dedicated journey indicates passion takes you places. You get planted in the profession where passion rules. The public figure is today a heartthrob of Dubai collecting his pride moments.


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