Meet Samer Sarkiss, a Writer, Journalist and Content Producer for TV.

Meet Samer Sarkiss, a Writer, Journalist and Content Producer for TV.

Though they like to consider themselves distinct by dent of their craft’s supposedly elevated calling, writers and journalists are really just creators by a different name. As the digital wave keeps rising every passing day, it is hard not to notice that the difference between influencers, creators, and journalists seems to shrink every time you look!

Entrepreneur Samer Sarkiss is a Writer, Journalist and a Content Producer for television. He is associated with the Abu Dhabi TV as a Content Producer. Besides he acts as the TV Content Producer/Guest Producer with celebrities for specific shows for  MTV Lebanon and SBC Channel. In addition, he is the Radio Producer on channel-Aghani Aghani 87.9 FM, Beirut. Samer also owns an e-zine magazine called Ekher Khabar which, due to its popularity, has over 65K and 85K followers on twitter and facebook respectively.

He initiates, supervises and manages the creation and production of a show/show’s episode. Besides, he is a social media influencer who produces enticing content for his viewers which helps him attract brands that collaborate with him for promotional purposes.

Journalists nowadays emphasize how important it is to stay connected with audiences. The market is becoming increasingly competitive for all kinds of writers, and stable jobs are getting fewer and farther between. “In order to succeed in this market, journalists need to implement a social media strategy to help them stand out.” says Samer Sarkiss. He adds, “Between writing and publishing your work, you can easily start to feel like you have two full-time jobs. Wouldn’t it be nice to be one of those writers whose work promotes itself?”

According to Samer, writers and journalists create content designed for consumption on the internet; they all cultivate a niche and then work to make themselves indispensable to it; and they all make use of tools and platforms that turn their skill sets into revenue.

Says he, “And while the content might look different, the process is very much the same: Produce something valuable and charge people for access.” Well, this shift has revolutionized solo entrepreneurship because subscriptions unleash the individual creator.

So long as their expertise lies in some breed of digitally distributable content, these writer cum journalism influencers can use the financial model to turn their side-hustle into a day job more easily than ever. This is as true for journalism as it is for any other field.

As a Content Producer for television, also known as TV Producer, Samer oversees the script development. He doesn’t let the screenwriter(s) write whatever they want and then proceed to go shoot that. Rather, the he oversees the script development to both ensure that one episode’s content aligns with both past and future episodes while being feasible to accomplish with the episode’s budget.

During a production, Samer is responsible for creating a budget and makes sure the project adheres to it. “While a general maximum budget will typically be given to me by the studio they for any given show, I make the final, more specific budget. To ensure that things run smoothly and the budget is adhered to, I also oversee the director and the project at large when in the production stage,” says Samer Sarkiss.

Samer Sarkiss breaks down the script, into various locations, times of day, number of actors and extras, etc. so that they can create a shooting schedule. “It will rarely make economic sense to shoot a project in chronological order. Shooting multiple scenes in one location in the same day, however, saves a significant amount of both time and money,” says Samer.

Samer Sarkiss works as the Content producer of “Zahrat al Khaleej” show on Abu Dhabi TV for 8 seasons, and a radio producer for ‘b3ez al 3aj2a’ program on Aghani Aghani radio,‘Menna W Jerr’ and ‘Enta Adda’ programs on MTV Lebanon.

Stressing on the importance of social media for writers and TV producers alike, Samer adds, “When it comes to reaching out to clients, the importance of social media cannot be ruled out. Every writer and producer needs to maintain an online presence through various social media profiles. Social media is a hub that can be used to drive traffic. It provides a platform for them to interact with the readers and knows their needs. Setting a social media profile that turns prospects into sales is a challenge and also an essential accessory of any marketing strategy.”

So, if you want your content and production work to reach the masses, you must set up different social media profiles for your business. Start using social media as a platform to engage with your target audience and see the magic happen. 

As Instagram continues to explode in popularity so does the visibility and reach of influencers like Samer Sarkiss! He is also a lifestyle influencer who has attracted a large, engaged audience due to the great content and voice of the creator. Samer is not only talented at writing and producing content for television but he also knows how to mix fashion with function to create stylish and comfortable outfits that will help you stay on track.

A popular figure among the masses, Samer’s social media presence with his alluring content keeps his views wanting for more. He is an exquisite narrator of his experiences who is living his dream and encouraging others to do the same. His social media handles will make you fall in love with not only his fashion but also his travel experiences.

On social media, Samer Sarkiss is simply documenting his daily life, be it a trip to an exotic location, a new diet he’s trying out or the challenges of juggling a busy professional life. This candid look into his daily life makes him incredibly relatable. Due to so much popularity, Samer has amassed more than 10K followers over his Instagram handle in a short span of time!


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