Taiwan gets support from Biden

POTUS Joe Biden has announced that the American defense forces will protect the sovereignty and integrity of Taiwan if China invades the nation in near future. This was stated by him in a recent press meet to counter aggressive moves of China against Taiwan. When questioned whether the world’s most powerful nation will come to the rescue of democratic Taiwan,he replied in affirmative. He was indeed double confirming his stand already taken in a summit in Japan by stating that United States will adopt military actions against China if the need arise. The stand taken by POTUS is different from the strategic ambiguity stand towards Taiwan quite contrary to the White House stance about the policy of the United States towards the democratically elected island nation. Taiwan has welcomed the statement in the face of recent aggressive stand taken by China against it. Taiwan has also vowed to deepen strategic partnership with United States in near future and build a rock solid relationship. On the other hand, Beijing is furious and has questioned the policy of United States on the island nation. It violates the sovereign status of the island nation, it says. In the CBS interview, Biden says he supports the “One China” policy where the United States support Beijing not Taipei and also said that America is not at all encouraging Taiwanese independence. China was already hostile to Nancy Pelsoi’s visit to Taiwan in August. In the aftermath of that visit, China conducted a full fledged military operation in the vicinity of the island nation. China has also the apparent move of bringing legislation by United States to enhance US military support for Taiwan. Chinese premier Xi Jinping in recent past has not ruled out military intervention to bring Taiwan under Beijing’s control, a move vehemently opposed by Taiwan.

Biden supports Taiwan

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