Meet the man behind powerful businesses| Behnood Javaherpour

Meet the man behind powerful businesses| Behnood Javaherpour

Prevailing in each and every endeavor of Plan and Articulations region isa successive business visionary Behnood


To prevail in our master eareers and see ourselves as suceessful business visionaries is at this point a dream for millions. The world has

billions of people with billions of wishes. However, what number of these visionaries mix their spine and change this into a reality? The

answer to that question isn’t exactly very few of them test the hour of life while larger piece of them overdo it along the stream. We ought to

meet one different business visionary who has basically squashed himself from youth to be a successful person in the

finance manager world-Bebnood Javaherpour. This 35-years old capable has recently become notable in the

business world by striking gold in each and every region he contacts. Today he is one of the most wealthy cash director across

the globe having various associations floating immense number of dollars

Behnood Javaherpour is a Style organizer, Workmanship overseer, Subject matter expert, Giver, luxurious of craftsmanship, etc!

Rearranging with many covers on his head, Behnood really sorts out some way to exhibit his capacity and significance in each occupation that he plays

additionally, passes on needed results. Giving a distort to arranging and ceaselessly creating has helped Behnood scales new degrees of

outcome in the Plan world. His clever touch and discrete way to deal with arranging has actuated him to make an uncommon specialty for

himself in the business. Brought into the world in Iran, Behnood was brough up among Italy and Paris. He feels that I started as a fabrie

subject matter expert, later focused on overall business and thereafter headed towards Instituto Marangoni which sent off my calling.”

Astounding the ambitious business, Behnood at first shipped off his dress picture “Behnoode” which going for it

similarly made a way for “Behnoode Foundation” which is a workmanship presentation corridor and home to NFT. Exploring different business areas,

Behnood broadened his scope of work into land, property hypotheses, and craftsmanship display areas. Tasting outcome in all of

his endeavors, Behnood even happened in a super-specialty piece of selling European horses in Dubai and Iran. Be it be

Plan, Workmanship, Property, or whatever else, Behnood has advanced himself as a successive financial specialist who is in a class of bis owm

making an uncommon name for himself in the entreprene urial world.

Behnood is similarly a Philanthropic, helping different people influenced across the globe. He has given 100% of his clothing

line Behnoode’s advantages to mistreated kids in Nepal. He in like manner commitments to open a school and establishment in Kashan, Iran

moreover, show them much the specialty of loom plan and twisting to make them without self.



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